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First Day with Classical Conversations and the introduction games played

About seven years ago my husband and I did a road trip to see some friends who had moved away the previous month. We had spent a good amount of time with them before and after we were married, and we were excited to see them. They were getting used to a new area, but… Continue reading First Day with Classical Conversations and the introduction games played


7 Reasons why I garden

By this time of year I am over weeding. I don’t want to even think about pulling another weed. We’ve eaten so much zucchini it’s shocking. We have a pile of spaghetti squash we are slowing eating and giving away. I’ve come to the conclusion that our garden was too big this year and not… Continue reading 7 Reasons why I garden


3 Reasons I was hap-pea I planted peas!

This is the first year I grew peas. I actually didn’t plan on growing peas, but I got jittery waiting on May to thaw out the ground to plant. I had read that peas should be planted early so I figured “why not?” we can sacrifice 10 ft. to an experiment. I am so glad… Continue reading 3 Reasons I was hap-pea I planted peas!


Kids’ Kitchen Makeover

About three years ago we were preparing to add our second little one to our family. I had heard read about many people giving a big sibling present to the oldest child when they bring the new baby home from the hospital. Well, it had been a dream of mine for our daughter to have… Continue reading Kids’ Kitchen Makeover

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The Spaghetti Squash Takeover of 2016

Sometimes I like to do a lot of research before I do something new, then make a plan, then implement that plan. Other times I like to just see what happens. Sometimes this is fun, other times it results in losing your entire yard to spaghetti squash plants! I’m not even exaggerating. Apparently these plants… Continue reading The Spaghetti Squash Takeover of 2016


DIY Chalkboard Coffee Table

I found a can of chalkboard spray paint on clearance for $3! I threw it in the cart. I have never used chalkboard paint, and it just seemed like a fun thing to try. When I got home I looked around at our recent Goodwill purchases to see if there was anything I wanted to… Continue reading DIY Chalkboard Coffee Table


Bennie’s tips for spray painting

The first thing I ever spray painted was the body of a model car I put together for 4-H. It was a yellow Corvette. Bennie is the man who told me how to do it. Who is Bennie exactly? Well, he’s not blood related, but he’s every bit as close as family. So I guess… Continue reading Bennie’s tips for spray painting